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The Romana’s Pilates IITP in Australia, has been successfully running since 1998, certifying over hundreds of instructor trainees world wide. Our IITP is closely modeled on the original teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates continued by Romana Kryzanowska and today her hand picked teacher trainers overseas and in Australia. The Pilates Method Studio is the head quarters for Romana’s Pilates IITP certification centre in the Australasia Region, we offer unsurpassed excellence in training and continuing professional education (CPE). Our international reputation for producing the finest quality Pilates instructors ensures that our trainees are respected in the industry and are able to employ their skills worldwide with competence and confidence.


The illustration below details every activity a trainee must successfully complete to achieve and maintain a Romana’s Pilates certification.

Pulse Pilates & Fitness Independent Instructor Training Program Process

How to Apply For your IITP?

Your application into the program is simple however before considering a career as a Romana’s Pilates Instructor you must be physically at an intermediate level in the Pilates method. All applicants must also have an understanding of the Pilates Principles. This is important for the development and learning stage of your training, this is an intensive course both physically and mentally and all applicants must be properly prepared.

STEP 1 – Enrolment requirements

  • All Applicants must have completed a minimum of 75 hours of experience in the Pilates Method.
  • Logging your hours on the log sheets (download provided) and having them signed by a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor.
  • Applicant should be able to show competence with various Gratz apparatus at a good intermediate level.
  • A Doctors Release stating competence in a physical nature.

STEP 2- Application 

  • Applicant must provide training centre with current resume
  • Resent passport photo
  • Letters of recommendation from current employee, training instructor or other.
  • Your IITP application form.

STEP 3- Initial Assessment/ readiness action plan

Once you have successfully completed the above…

  • Applicant must schedule an interview with Cynthia Lochard to discuss your readiness and action plan.
  • Your goals and ambitions once certified, how you intend on completing the program hours, as well as your knowledge and understanding of Romana’s Pilates.
  • Initial Assessment- Applicant will be assessed by a level 4 Teacher Trainer or higher. This assessment will require you to perform a personal workout unassisted in the Intermediate level. This will determine your knowledge, competence and safety in the Pilates Method.

Note: Exceptions may apply to those who have trained through a different program prior. Please contact studio for more information including training program fee.