Joseph Pilates, a genius and humanitarian, dedicated his life to the research, development and teaching of the very basis of human movement. These exact teachings he put his name to “Pilates – The Art of Contrology”.

Pulse Pilates & Fitness is a true Pilates studio, dedicated to Joseph Pilates’ precise teachings by way of certified instructors with over 700 hours of experience and training.

We are experts in this field, in fact, we teach other trainers from other centres.

Pulse Pilates & Fitness Classes

We can tailor a complete program to suit your individual needs to bring better strength, balance, flexibility, control and vitality into your life.


Develop strength from the inside out. In this class we will use different props each week ie. the magic circle, small barrels, hand weights and theraband. Challenge your mind and change your body.


Innovative equipment based class with a maximum of 3 people per class which means you can get a strong workout and individual attention at an affordable price. These classes allow you to explore and experience all the different apparatus in the studio. 


This class is a challenging full body Barre workout. Using light weights, push ups, dips for upper body training and squats, plies and leg variations to work and challenge the lower body. If you want a long lean frame and a dancers build this class sculpts your legs and abs, improves your posture and decreases stress.
After a warmup we go to the Barre to lift your booty, sculpt the legs and chisel the abs – FEAR NOT, NO ARTISTIC DANCE MOVES ARE REQUIRED!


This class will make you sweat. Cardio drills, twists, kicks, jumps and more. This class blends everything you know from the Barre but we have added toning cardio Intervals. Half the session is building heat and burning calories with cardio intervals and then we go to the Barre for Dynamic Definition… legs, booty and core.


This class is all about strength building and (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training. We use weights, weighted balls, resistance bands and plyometric  exercises, incorporating athletic and strength building exercises targeted at energising your mind, body and being. THIS CLASS GETS YOU IN SHAPE ….FAST!


A private lesson is done with a certified teacher who will tailor the lesson to your personal needs.


A lesson with a partner at a similar level of fitness. We suggest that a client initially take a private lesson. The studio can organise a partner.

STANDARD CLASS 8-10 people

Ask about our special packages that suit all budgets.

All class formats are designed for maximum efficiency with minimal repetition, to stimulate and enhance maximum body response. Your personal fitness objectives and goals, for increased stamina, muscle mass/tone and the way you want to look, should, and will, govern the way you train

With these simple fundamentals our clients continually challenge there perceived levels of accomplishment and consistently prove to themselves they are truly the masters of their own wellbeing. The consequential effects of better strength, flexibility and stamina levels ultimately reflect on the way they approach each new day.